When working with stainless steel, you often need a smooth, clean and bright finish. This could be for functional reasons or appearance concerns. Whatever your reason for needing a proper surface finish, our team here at Hard Chrome Specialists can achieve it.


We are a PA leader in industrial electropolishing and have been serving customers since 1988. We can handle any size of electropolishing job and will apply the right steps to guarantee the surface finish and appearance you’re looking for. Take the time to read about what electropolishing is and understand how it can be the solution to your stainless steel finishing needs.


What Is Electropolishing?


Most of you will be familiar with mechanical polishing. This describes using an abrasive to wear down uneven surfaces and create a smoother finish. The problem with mechanical polishing is that it can be hard to get into all areas of complex shapes and volumes and the abrasive action leaves directional lines. Here at Hard Chrome Specialists, we have experienced craftspeople who can get an impressive smoothness and finish on your products using mechanical polishing. But for that perfect final finish, electropolishing is the key.


Electropolishing uses an electrical current to remove ions — and therefore material — from your parts. The ion removal is greater at microscopic peaks than are created with mechanical polishing. Your parts are attached to a metallic rack through which a positive current is passed. Submerged in an electrolyte, your parts are "reverse plated" as the excess material roughness is electrically eroded off.


Benefits of Electropolishing


As the ions are removed from the surface, the peaks are reduced in height, giving a smoother surface finish. The result can be felt and seen and allows critical dimensions and fit-ups to be respected. Because your parts are submerged in a bath, there is no directionality to the material removal, meaning all surfaces of your parts are smooth and uniform.


In most cases, our experts remove the bulk of the material with traditional mechanical abrasion polishing and follow up with a final electropolishing. We are proud to be a PA leader in the field and will take the time to understand your materials, products and application to propose the perfect electropolishing solution.


Contact our team today for more information by filling in our online contact form or giving us a call. Let us show you all of the advantages of electropolishing and prove to you that we deserve our reputation as a top choice in Harrisburg and York for all of your industrial electropolishing needs. We can also propose our industrial cylindrical grinding services to get your cylindrical parts smooth, so tell us about your application today.