Hydraulic Valve Repair


While the pump is the heart of a hydraulic system, it wouldn’t function without the right hydraulic valves. These components come in various types and configurations and are used to adjust the pressure, flow and direction of the fluid as it flows through your system. Depending on the complexity and size of your hydraulic system, your number of valves will vary. Proper maintenance and service is key to ensuring a healthy and reliable hydraulic system.


Different Types of Hydraulic Valves


Industrial hydraulic valves are divided into three main categories depending on how they function within the system:


  • Flow control: These valves limit flow, from full blockage to completely open. This is accomplished by increasing or decreasing the diameter of the opening. A simple example is a standard water faucet.
  • Pressure control: Industrial hydraulic systems often include pressure control valves, which are designed to switch at a predetermined setting (pressure) either gradually or suddenly.
  • Directional control: A directional valve can control the stop and start of hydraulic fluid flow as well as the direction of flow. You’ll find these valves on circuits where alternating circuits are loaded. The heart of these valves is the spool, the main functional element that directs the flow to the desired circuit.


Additionally, hydraulic proportional valves offer proportional control for flow, pressure or directional needs. Most modern hydraulic systems are of the proportional type, allowing for greater control and fine-tuning of a system. If you’re not sure which type of valve you have, you can contact us. Our hydraulic experts will help you determine the type of valves you have.


In all cases, these hydraulic valves can wear out over time. Here at Hard Chrome Specialists, we have an experienced team that can inspect your valves, determine what needs to be done and make the necessary repairs. We use OEM-quality parts or better to ensure that when your system is back up and running, your hydraulic valves give you many more hours of trouble-free service.


Our experienced team can also grind your spools to ensure they seal properly against fluid bypass and direct fluid into the desired orifice for leak-free operation. Leakage and fluid bypass can have a negative effect on your system and affect fluid pressures, which is why we precision grind spools for perfect fit when reassembled.


Experience That Counts


Since 1988, Hard Chrome has been a PA leader in hydraulic pump and valve repair. We’re proud of our reputation as a trusted valve repair center and have the valve repair skills and experience you need. Simply contact us with information on your hydraulic valve issues and we’ll determine what needs to be done. We work fast and offer competitive prices on all of our hydraulic valve repair services, so come and discover us today!