Hydraulic Accumulator Repair

Depending on the type of hydraulic system you have and your need for consistent and stable operation, an accumulator may be necessary. An industrial hydraulic accumulator is filled with energy (pressurized fluid) during normal system operation that it stores and releases when the system pressure falls below a predetermined level. Once the system is back up to the pressure, the accumulator is automatically charged again, ready for the next drop in pressure.


The effect of an accumulator can be used to provide hydraulic power in case of electrical failure in an emergency situation or smooth out pressure pulsations generated by the pump. While the principle of an accumulator is relatively simple, the moving parts included in an accumulator can wear down over time.


Several factors contribute to accumulator wear, including:


  • Pressure pulsations
  • Heat
  • Vibrations
  • Oil contamination
  • Bladder aging


Regular inspection, service and maintenance are important to ensure that your pressure accumulator is functioning properly and providing the smoothing and storage functions it is designed for. Here at Hard Chrome, we have decades of experience as a leading PA hydraulic system repair business and can take care of all of your pressure accumulator needs.


Different Hydraulic Accumulators for Different Industrial Needs


Our customers are spread across PA in cities like Harrisburg and York and each has their own pressure accumulator needs. You may have an accumulator that keeps your hydraulic system flowing in emergency situations or you may need to ensure constant flow and pressure that your pump alone can't offer. In both cases, the pressure accumulator in your system has an important role to play.



When you contact us, we will take the time to inspect your hydraulic accumulator and determine what is wrong. We have experience with the two major types — bladder-type and piston-type — and can make repairs to all types and sizes of hydraulic accumulators. Let us know today which type of hydraulic accumulator you have and the issues you are having.


Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will get you back up and running quickly with the hydraulic pressure reserve you need for reliable and consistent hydraulic power delivery. Simply fill in our online contact form or call us for more information. We’re proud to serve industrial customers across PA, so come and discover how Hard Chrome Specialists can take care of all of your hydraulic accumulator needs.