Hydraulic Motor Repair

Hydraulic fluid flow can be used to create mechanical movement (typically on a geared shaft) through the use of a hydraulic motor. While many configurations of hydraulic motors exist, the basic principle is the same: flowing fluid applies a force to a gear (or gears) and creates a rotational movement on a gear as the fluid passes from the inlet port to the outlet port.


The hydraulic fluid flow in a hydraulic motor system comes from a pump, which takes mechanical energy and converts it into hydraulic energy (the inverse of the hydraulic motor, which uses this hydraulic energy and converts it to mechanical energy). The advantage of a hydraulic motor us that it can be designed to multiply the hydraulic power and can be mounted where practical and plumbed with lengths of hydraulic hoses.


As with all components in hydraulic systems, the internals of the motor are subject to wear due to pressure, heat, contamination and vibration. One or more of these factors can cause a motor to leak either externally or internally or fail altogether. At the first sign of industrial hydraulic motor failure, it's time to give our team here at Hard Chrome Specialists a call.


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Since 1988, we have been serving the needs of customers in York, Harrisburg and across PA. Our experienced technicians can diagnose any type of hydraulic motor and make all necessary repairs. When making repairs, we always use OEM-quality or better parts so you can get many more hours out of your repaired hydraulic motor.


In general, industrial hydraulic motors are divided into three categories:


  • Piston motors
  • Vane motors
  • Gear motors


Each type of motor has a unique design that makes it suitable for different applications. While the shape, internal geometry and movement cycle vary, all hydraulic motors feature moving parts and seals that can wear out. We advise our customers to pay close attention to the performance of their hydraulic motors and contact us when anything changes. This can be a sign that your motor is wearing out. In many cases, service and repair can avoid costly and unpredictable downtime.


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