Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

For linear power applications, a hydraulic cylinder is your best option. Depending on the pressure of your hydraulic system and the size and geometry of your hydraulic cylinder internals, you can deliver incredible amounts of power to extend or retract your cylinder. The basic components of a hydraulic cylinder are simple: a cylindrical cavity houses a piston and is capped at both ends. A shaft attached to one end of the piston passes through a seal at one of the caps. Pressurized fluid applies force to one side of the piston or the other, moving it in or out.


This type of hydraulic cylinder is found in many industrial applications such as presses, construction equipment, cranes, forges and more, and can deliver thousands of tons when properly dimensioned and configured. With that kind of pressure, you can expect that your hydraulic cylinders will eventually start to leak or fail completely. If your hydraulic cylinders need attention, it’s time to call Hard Chrome.


Here at Hard Chrome Specialists, we’ve spent decades becoming a PA leader in hydraulic system repair. Our experienced team has repaired industrial hydraulic cylinders for customers in Harrisburg, York and all across the state of Pennsylvania. Thanks to our hydraulic system knowledge, we can easily diagnose the problems with your cylinder and make the right repairs.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Repairs That Last


Unplanned downtime because of a leaking or damaged hydraulic cylinder is costly and can be a major hassle for your business. At the first sign that something is wrong with your hydraulic cylinder, we invite you to contact our team. We will send an expert to inspect your installation and determine what is wrong with your hydraulic cylinder.


It could be leaking seals or a worn piston or cylinder. You may have issues with your inlet or outlet ports or a bent shaft. In all cases, once we’ve figured out what is wrong, we replace all faulty parts with top-quality OEM-equivalent or better parts. Our team is proud of our reputation as a top hydraulic cylinder repair company and want you to benefit from many more hours of reliable service from your repaired equipment.


Take a moment to contact our team and tell us about your hydraulic cylinder installation and issues. We can answer any questions you have and arrange to come and inspect your system. We will also prepare a quotation for your hydraulic cylinder repairs and get you back to operational again as quickly as possible.