Cat 963C Track Adjuster Repair

Track tension is an extremely critical factor for preserving the tracks of your Cat® equipment and getting the best performance possible. An issue with track tension can cause premature wear and require costly repairs or replacement. Here at Hard Chrome Specialists, we have a track adjuster exchange program in place to make quick work of your track repairs and adjustments.


Our track adjuster program was created to take care of the needs of customers across PA with the Cat 963C crawler loader. This popular piece of construction equipment can be seen at sites across the state delivering reliable service day in and day out. Like all of the machines Cat makes, the 963C crawler loader is a top-quality machine designed for serious work.


Over time, the track can start to get loose. This is when dirt and other debris can get stuck between the track and track shoe. Running this like for even a short period of time can cause premature wear of the track, shoe and other moving undercarriage components. Before this happens, consider taking advantage of our Cat hydraulic track adjuster exchange program and get your track back into working order.


Avoid Costly Equipment Costs


While a frequent check of the tension and condition of your Cat equipment tracks is easy, you need to be sure the track adjuster is functioning properly and taking up the slack. That’s where our hydraulic replacement parts and adjuster exchange program come in handy. Simply buy the parts you need to make repairs and use our adjuster to make all necessary adjustments.


This is one way that we can save your business money and add value. A properly adjusted Cat 963C track will allow you avoid troublesome downtime and costly equipment repairs once your track fails. Our Cat track adjusters are OEM parts that are guaranteed to work with your model 963C crawler loader.


You can Count on Us


Since 1988, Hard Chrome has been a PA leader in quality hydraulic replacement parts. Our track adjuster repair and adjuster knowledge means we can guide you with your equipment service and ensure that your crawler loader is ready when you need it.


We invite you to choose the most convenient method to contact us and request more information on our Cat 963C crawler loader track adjuster exchange program or request a quotation. Come and discover all of the advantages of turning to a market leader for your hydraulic and track repair needs.