Hard Chromespecialists


Glass Bead Blasting
HCS can provide cabinet glass bead blasting services to de-scale or de-rust parts prior to plating. We can also provide a satin bead blasted surface finish to any plating finish we provide.
HCS provides a full line of welding services such as TIG, MIG and Stick welding, with the ability to work on a full range of metal substrates and thickness. TIG capabilities range from simple carbon based steels to stainless alloys, aluminum alloys, and precious metals such as titanium. This service is used to repair parts that are worn or damaged by welding up the damaged area, then grinding and or polishing until it is cleaned up. There has been an incredible amount of success repairing severely damaged hydraulic cylinder rods and critical roll faces. If plating is required after the welding repair the part is plated into a like new condition. HCS also offers plasma arc cutting on metals that range up to .25” thick.
Custom Design
HCS is a turnkey facility for custom design and fabrication to include machining and fabrication of existing, damaged or new parts.
Reconditioning Equipment
HCS has the ability and expertise to overhaul industrial equipment such as but not limited to hydraulic cylinders, presses, auto feed systems and other industrial equipment


Hard Chrome Specialists are manufacturers representative
for Lynair Cylinders

Lynair Cylinders are built to perform in the toughest applications. Incorporating a variety of leading-edge advanced features, proven through the years, these cylinders will provide a long, maintenance-free service life. Their advanced engineering combined with quality materials and expert workmanship, contribute to the making of a rugged-quality Lynair Cylinder product.

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Other services

  • Brush plating
  • Brite dip
  • Stripping
  • Baking